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how to make a beautiful manicure at home

In this article we will talk how to make a beautiful manicure at home. Prepare in advance the tools and materials that you will need to work. Do not worry if the first time you do not get a beautiful manicure. So nice to paint your nails, you’ll need a bit of practice and diligence.

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fashion Tips how to paint your nails

Choose your favorite color for nail painting. If you want to make a contrasting manicure , then choose a bright color. For everyday style will suit calm colors. Then pick up the tool with which you will put pictures on nails. It can be a thin brush, needle, toothpick, or gel pen.

If you decide to apply a needle drawing, you will need a liquid varnish. It is recommended to use tools of different thickness, so you make the manicure drawing more interesting. Small elements of the pattern is applied with a thin tool, then you need to wait until the varnish dries. Then drip one drop of nail Polish on the nail, and quickly, but gently start to display patterns.

The drawing must be completed before it dries. When all the elements are drawn, let the nail dry well. And that manicure you happy for a long time, cover the top of the ornament with a layer of top coat. The fastener will preserve the integrity of your manicure for a long time.

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Drawing on nails by means of a brush do a little differently. At the beginning of the nails cover the main color, then you need to wait until the varnish is dry. For drawing use the rich color of the varnish , which must not be thick. The color should be selected so that not to hold a double-line pattern. Use several brushes, for brushes subtle contours, outlines and background, apply a thicker brush. An interesting effect is obtained if you mix several colors of varnish, but you do not need to wait until the varnish dries and apply a new pattern immediately as soon as you apply the previous one.

Quickly and easily apply the picture on the nails can be using gel pens. It is recommended to buy a gel pen with a metallic luster, the gel with such a handle is much thicker, and therefore it will be easier to work. First, apply to the nail Polish base , wait for complete drying of the layer. Then apply the desired patterns with a gel pen. At the end, cover your nails with a layer of fastener.

To diversify manicure can be micro sequins and colored sand. First, apply a layer base. Then, without waiting for its drying, with the help of a brush or needle impose colored sand. Micro sequins can simply sprinkle on top of them a frozen layer of varnish.

You have read a few tips that will help you beautifully paint your nails. Do not despair, if the first time you do not get a beautiful picture . For practice, you can draw on plain paper, until you will not be nice to get the elements of patterns.

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