Asparagus salad with cheese


Recipe for a delicious asparagus salad

The incomparable taste of this salad encouraged me to publish his recipe. Delicate young asparagus shoots are perfectly combined with spicy taste of Lancashire cheese. The salad is very light, a little high in calories, but nevertheless useful.

asparagus Salad with cheese. Cleaning asparagus

Take asparagus 200-250 grams. Break off the bottom hard edge. He’ll break himself in the right place when you put pressure on the stem. Use only the soft part of the stem. Place asparagus on grill pan in one layer without oil. When asparagus is cooked without oil, it acquires a pleasant nutty flavor. When cooking this does not work or when. Press it with your palm to the bottom of the grill so that it begins to come into contact with the heating surface with a larger plane.

asparagus Salad with cheese. Fry asparagus correctly.

Each side need to fry literally a minute on each side, that would only managed to slightly char the edges.

When the roasting reaches the desired intensity, remove the pan from the fire and sprinkle asparagus with olive oil. Please note that the oil should not boil in any case.

Add the juice of half a lemon and while it evaporates quickly add the salt and rapidly shake the pan, salt and butter well mixed with asparagus. Until pan hot lemon juice from it evaporates and thickens, becoming similar on jam. That’s all she wrote.

asparagus Salad with cheese. Asparagus and cheese-great blowing.

On top of asparagus, RUB the cheese with large chips or plates. If you can find Lancashire cheese-it will be the perfect combination of flavors! Ready salad garnish with sprigs of

This is an original salad recipe, but you can also add a tomato to complement the taste, which complements the taste of beans or often add orange (or/or). To make the salad more nutritious, you can add a boiled egg.

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