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baked Chicken

Today, cook a recipe & nbsp;baked chicken with crispy crust and amazing hot sauce, which will drive you crazy! Submit it rice and beans, crumbly and sharp enough. Perfectly complement the dish original chopped salad. To cool all this heat you will be able by means of yogurt sauce with cilantro

Chicken fillet preparation

We need 4 chicken Breasts with skin but no bones. This fillet on the one hand fatter and thicker than the other. To balance the cooking time of the whole piece cut it from the thick side exactly in the center, but not to the end. This is done for what would the whole piece evenly cooked, was juicy and crispy. It also promotes better impregnation of the meat smell from the sauce that we prepare.

Put the chicken on a frying pan-grill

After all the pieces will be incised sprinkle them olive oil, the sunflower, pepper. This will be our main seasonings. A good roll in a mixture of spices, chicken pieces and place them skin down on a grill pan. While the meat oblivaetsya, make hot sauce for baking. Look at the chicken, whatever it burned, while you are passionate about making sauce 🙂

Hot sauce:

  • make hot sauce for chicken
  • Add all at once to the blender:
  • green onion 4 stems,
  • 4-6 cloves of Garlic,
  • chili “Scottish caps” 1-1. 5 pieces without seeds,
  • Thyme – a handful,
  • Bay leaf-a couple of pieces.

If the leaves are fresh, pull out of them large veins. Mixture of seasonings: 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, 1 teaspoon ground cloves, 6 tbsp. l rum, 6 tbsp wine vinegar (or Apple), 1 tbsp honey to give the sauce sweet acid taste. And a nice pinch of salt and pepper. Add olive oil 4 tbsp, spices that would be better mixed. Turn on the blender. This mixture should turn into a puree-like liquid clay.

Check the readiness of baked chicken

It’s time to turn our chicken over to the other side. While you prepare the base for grilling the chicken, turn the meat on the other side crispy crust upwards.

Take the form of baking with thick walls, preferably clay. Pour hot sauce on the bottom of the mold. The view it is not quite attractive, but it’s just yet:) try it, the taste of his incomparable even in the raw form!

Combine hot sauce and fried chicken in a baking dish

Now spread the pieces of chicken on top of sauce, fried side up. The chicken should almost all plunge into it, only the crust remains on the surface. This is an important secret of cooking this dish. Aromas and flavors of the sauce will gradually get into the meat, and the crust will remain crispy. If You like thyme or rosemary, you can add it to the dish. There are no prohibitions here.

Now put the dish in the oven preheated to 220 degrees for 25-30 minutes. A little more and the sauce begins to boil, exuding incredible aromas in the kitchen 🙂

A little more honey and serve to the table!

Taking out of the oven pour 1 teaspoon of honey dish. Hot sauce in which you cooked our chicken, honey becomes incredibly delicious!

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