Bargain when buying a second home



In order to profitably buy an apartment in the secondary market need to be able to bargain. Some of the secrets of this essential skill, I will tell you now.

Bargain when buying a property-basics:

To begin with, you need to establish psychological contact with the seller, like him, and find common themes with him. The easiest way is for the seller to reduce the price when communicating with a polite, intelligent buyer who has a mild manner of communication. The seller often does not care who will live in his apartment, so it is nicer to communicate with such a buyer, and he is willing to reduce the price. At a meeting with the seller is better to come with a competent realtor.

Also a good way to influence the price reduction is to highlight the advantages of the apartment. For example, to say what a wonderful renovation in the apartment or what a large and bright room and comfortable layout. Do not immediately focus on the shortcomings, talk about them to the seller and demand to reduce the price. It would offend the owner if he was going to sell you the apartment and he urgently needs the money, after your comments, it hardly will do it. It is more important for you to place to yourself the owner of the apartment that he wanted to sell it to you. And only then inform that you are delighted with the apartment, but you do not have $100 thousand, and there is only $97 thousand and you are ready to pay them at least today. Try not to make ultimatums. After all, if human pressure, the first instinct of self-preservation. Applying the above tactics, most often it is possible to throw away from 1% to 15% of the declared cost of the apartment. Especially if the seller initially overestimated the price of the apartment. Sometimes experienced realtors specifically set prices for several thousand more, then to throw them off for the buyer, thereby positioning it to yourself.

Bargaining when buying a resale property – how much can you save:

How many and what apartments can be traded in the capital’s real estate market now? According to several real estate agencies, bargaining on a full size one bedroom apartment on the arrays with convenient transport interchange to date is approximately 1-2%. But when selling two – bedroom apartments of economy class sellers on average can give 2-5%. For housing costing more than $200 thousand, you can bargain for 5-10%, and in the case of an urgent sale – even up to 15-20%.

So today bargaining is an important aspect of buying an apartment in the secondary market. Do it right, be polite and do not forget that in any case it is not necessary to bend the stick.

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