Barley Vintmint


Barley seeds of Vintmint – features, specification

2009 “vintmint” entered in the register of plant varieties of Ukraine. Usually it is grown in Polesie and forest-steppe zone. To the main biological characteristics include: two-row spike density and the erect Bush form. The stem of this plant reaches 75 cm Vegetation period ranges from 280 to 290 days, which is why this variety is posledstviyam.

It is best to sow the plant should be from 25 September to 10 October. The variety is not only drought-resistant, but also resistant to shedding and lodging. The plant has increased resistance to damage by brown rust and powdery mildew. It should be remembered that this variety is of intensive type, and to ensure a high yield, it is necessary to conduct 3 one-time protection against diseases and pests. To get high-quality grain it is necessary to bring RK 60/60 and n 40/50.

If you follow these tips, the harvest will reach from 9 to 10 t / ha.

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